“Agape Birth Services has been a part of bringing two of our children safely into this world at home. Rhoda has also walked along side of us during a miscarriage and went beyond her duty to make sure we were supported and healing both physically and emotionally. The amount of love, support, encouragement and grace Rhoda has offered our family can not be matched. Her attentive and loving nature is exactly what we finally desired in Midwifery care. You simply can not put a price on the lasting relationship we have formed during this season of our lives. With out a doubt, we will be honored to call Rhoda our Midwife for any future children, if God sees us fit.”
Aaron and Ashley Wood
“Rhoda was such a blessing throughout my second pregnancy and birth. I had a wonderful experience birthing both in a hospital, with my first and at home, with my second, but the one thing that really set my experience apart with Rhoda was the emotional support she offered. She is a wonderful listener and a gentle spirit, and she helped to breathe truth and patience into a trying time at the end of my pregnancy. I always felt empowered and confident in her care; we are looking forward to coming back for round three!”
Eric and Lauren Almdale
“One google search, two awesome midwife, three great water births, all to yield four fantastic children, what more can one momma ask for! My husband and I met up with Rhoda @Agape Birth Services many years ago. Through her dedication, passion, and drive for women, mommas, and babies, she presented the facts about birth… hospital and home. As a couple we were able to come together and agree on having our children at home, this was an amazing and wonderful accomplishment!! We are truly blessed to know Rhoda and Agape Birth Services. She will forever have a special place in our hearts.”
Scott and Bethany Anspach
“I couldn’t be happier with the care we received from Rhoda through my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. My partner was extremely skeptical of using a midwife and birthing at home as opposed to the hospital but after having laid out all his fears and concerns to Rhoda and hearing her answers, much to my surprise he ultimately decided a home birth with Rhoda was the best route for us. When we say care, that is truly what you get from Rhoda. Care. If personal attention is important to you, Rhoda is only ever a text away. Not only that she gives the power to you as the mother and parents. Everything was presented as an option or choice that WE had to make and never once were we shamed about the decision we chose. To top it all off, the birth of our son was everything we imagined it would be and more. It was perfect. Every woman deserves this kind of care through pregnancy, birth, and beyond!”
Madelyn Vonderau