Rhoda understands that birth is a natural expression of life.  She believes that this event is not just about the birth of a baby, but the birth of a family.

Striving to empower women and their families, she knows that how a woman is treated and her experience during pregnancy, birth and postpartum affect how she mothers and how she views herself. An empowering birth experience can build mothers and fathers who are confident, determined and nurturing.

Rhoda values evidence-based education and encourages families to inform themselves about the normal birth process.  Rhoda values a family’s personal goals and birth preferences and always works to honor them throughout the process.

Utilizing and consulting with a Board Certified Obstetrician, discussion of proper nutrition, supplementation, exercise and how one manages stress is a necessary part of prenatal care.  She encourages each family to stay healthy, low risk, and well-educated so that they may make safe, satisfying and evidence-based decisions regarding their prenatal care, birth and postpartum.

Rhoda brings forth her experience and professional knowledge to support and supplement each individual family’s preferences and goals so that they can achieve all that they desire for their birth.  She feels that each and every birth she attends is a great honor to witness and she feels very blessed to be able to serve families in their miraculous event of birthing a new life.

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